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Institute management

Automate the management process of your institute with studyjam features like admission management, calendar for event management, SMS and Notifications and Data export and import features etc.

Student management

An all in one solution for managing Admission, Attendance, Absence, Diary and Timetable, Exam & Marksheet and Students progress remarks

Fees & Finance management

Studyjam fees and finance management makes the institution and its accounts department highly efficient with fee due status view, Special fees handling and monthly fees reports generation features.

Online admission System

Help institutes to share the admission link through all social media platforms. Just click the link and submit your application by studyjam.

Online Exam management

Exams can be scheduled and managed effortlessly. Prepare questionnaires and conduct exams for any time durations and whenever the institute needs.

Video tutorials and other Study materials

Experience virtual classrooms with studyjam. Offering live video streaming and video tutorials uploading features for facile learning management.

Enjoy learning with studyjam by uploading and viewing Study materials of any type including notes, question papers etc.

Why Studyjam ?

Studyjam application is designed for all levels of educational institutions from pre -school to higher level, by our team to make smooth institute administration and management works. It is a student management application that facilitates institute automation solutions for today’s modern schools.

Day to day critical operations of institutions can be done in a faster, easier and efficient manner. Highly laborious and time consuming tasks like admissions, fee management, timetable generation, are carried out easily and accurately, saving a lot of time. It helps the admin and staff to manage and analyze processes and parents to be a part of students' education.

Learning management feature of studyjam offers online study materials and video features to the students, they can access the virtual classroom from anywhere.

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